Bienvenidos a Miami, Capitulo 1

by Misheru O'ku
originally published at 09:47PM on Monday, August 04, 2008

Sara squinted her eyes as she stepped out of her new apartment, trying to adjust to the brightness of the Florida sun. I need some sunglasses and now would be a good time as any to finally go and buy a pair, she thought. She then walked back into her apartment, grabbed her purse and her Spanish/English dictionary, and headed out the door.

She walked down Meridian Avenue admiring the pink art deco buildings framed by swaying palm trees. The cool breeze blew the hair out of her face. As she approached Lincoln Road, she could already hear the salsa music playing at David’s Café. She could not quite understand what they were singing, but the beat made her want to liven her step as she strolled along.

“Ciao Juan!? a modelesque Venezuelan woman shouted as she kissed the waiter on each cheek before leaving the café with her small Chihuahua in tow. Sara liked Juan and she made these morning trips just to see him. Not sure if he knew that though.