I just saw you

by Ms Kit Kat
originally published at 11:54PM on Wednesday, August 06, 2008

She had looked away from me, when her dark browns turned to an amber brown. Her eyes had never done that before, they had always been the darkest brown as if her eyes were truly black. When her eyes reveled their true color it was as if she let me truly see her for the first time.

Her eyes showed something that people had never seen or knew about her. It was as if that was where she kept her secrets. I now understood why people could never relate to her, they had never seen the real her.

With that she looked back at me, hiding her true self once again. Her eyes were their darkest of brown once again.

“Do I have something on my face?” She grabbed for her napkin.
“No, I just saw you… in a different light.”




  • from Unidentified:

    Wow, this is…mysterious! I really like it.

  • from Wyatt Aapr:

    The first rule in writing is ‘write what you know’, and it looks like you are doing that. This was nice.

  • from Laine the Grey:

    I liked the elusive air about this Ficlet. Brilliant.