A Million Dollar Maniac {Million Dollar Challenge} {With Much, Much Jonas (:}

by Writer4Life00nj
originally published at 07:30PM on Saturday, August 09, 2008

I would do many, many things if I won a million dollars!

First and foremost, I would put money in the back for my future. I would also donate to charity, and make sure my whole family gets a fair share. My family would also go buy a new home!
Next, I would take my family, friends, and myself shopping! It would be the best time EVER !!!
And then of course I’d head out to a Jonas Brothers concert, front row, and of course, back stage passes to see my boys [:
And maybe, just maybe I’d buy this website!

Some things I wouldn’t do if I won a million dollars.

To tell the truth, I would NOT go crazy on Jonas Brothers mechandise. As much as I would want to, I’d but that money aside for, well, school supplies. Gross, I know but school starts soon ]:
I wouldn’t shop too much either, even if your rich you need money sooner or later.

Wouldn’t it be sad if you spent one million dollars in one day? Devastating, lol!

Well, that’s what I would and wouldn’t do with my one million dollars!