A Prarrie Sunset

by kindlekat2260
originally published at 06:18PM on Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The door slamed.
I ran.
I knew not where I was going.
My feet led the way.
The faster I ran, the faster I wanted to go.
Houses, shops, people, it all rushed by me.
With my vision blurred by my salty tears, I saw none of these things.
Finally I made it out of town.
Only me and the wide open prarrie.
Still I ran.
I didn’t feel the prarrie grass slicing my legs.
I only felt the wind in my hair.
And the hard ground beneath my feet.
I kept running for what seemed like hours, until my aching feet came to a stop in front of a lone tree.
I suddenly realized how tired I was.
Tired from yelling; and from running.
I laid down under the tree as the sun cast it’s last rays upon the prarrie before me.
The glorious sunset made me forget all that had once bothered me.
I felt light.
This was a new feeling for me and I liked it.