A Prarrie Sunrise

by kindlekat2260
originally published at 04:28PM on Thursday, August 14, 2008

I yawned.
I looked about myself.
There was a hazy mist hovering over the dew ladden prarrie grass.
A dew drop landed with a plop! on my forehead.
The sky was a periwinkle color with a hint of pink.
In the east I could see the sun poking it’s dazling crown of rays above the horizon.
I stood.
I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.
I stretched.
I scanned the prarrie.
No one.
Just me and the lone prarrie tree.
I took a deep breath.
The prarrie air was so fresh.
So pure.
All my feelings of last night came rushing back to me.
Suddenly I felt once again light and carefree.
Like nothing in the world could stop me.
I watched the sun rise.
It’s golden rays once again spread out across the prarrie before me.
I smiled.
I could fell the sun warming my body.
Piece by piece.
Gently and slowly engulfing me.
Until I felt as though I too were glowing.