When It Ends For One, It Ends For Both

by Kevin Lawver
originally published at 05:10PM on Tuesday, June 19, 2007

“What if I’m not ready?”

“I don’t know. I thought we’d just, you know, stop being married and move on.”

“But, we’ve got the kids, the house, the cars… the dog… the dishes… pictures… all of it.”

“I know. I haven’t thought through all the details, I just know I can’t be married to you any more.”

“I don’t know what to say, ” he sobbed.

There was nothing to say. Things had been broken for a while, and when things are left untouched, unexamined and unused, they decay. That’s what had happened to their marriage and she, at least, had finally realized that in all senses but the legal, they were no longer husband and wife. They were cohabitants in a life neither of them really wanted.

“I think we should talk to a lawyer and see what our options are. I don’t want this to be harder than it has to be.”

Wiping his eyes, he looked up, “Shouldn’t it be hard?”

“I don’t know. I know it can’t go on.”

“I love you,” he said quietly, his red wet eyes on the floor.

“I know, but that’s not enough anymore.”




  • from YodaOnCrack:

    Kevin, the emotions in this! I want to cry!

    ”...she, at least, had finally realized that in all senses but the legal, they were no longer husband and wife.”

    I liked that line because of the honesty therein. Marriage is supposed to b so much more than just a legal bonding between husband and wife. In other words, the important moments meant nothing… Brilliant, Kevin. I love the emotion in this! 5 Yoda thumbs up. Not that it matters…. :)

  • from Kevin Lawver:

    Thank you! Some friends of mine just announced that they’re getting divorced and I’ve been really bothered by it… I figured a ficlet might help me work through it a little.

  • from W.J. Kocik, Jr.:

    This makes me want to be a better writer. It’s one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen on this site. You seem to have an ear for dialog that most authors never achieve. Excellent.

  • from [pens&feathers]:

    The raw, realistic nature of this story just leaves me breathless.

  • from InZanadee:

    Amazing! You captured that perfectly. Almost like a snap shot, a freeze-frame of just one of life’s messy moments, caught in one tidy description. Wow. Just, WOW .

  • from Saint Chuck:

    Great work, I especially the last line. Sometimes you need more than love the make a relationship work.

  • from Ged:

    Liked the story, but you lose one star cause I don’t get the connection between the subject and the photo…

    My fault I guess, but there ya go.

  • from Kevin Lawver:

    Ged, I was looking for photos tagged “leaving”, and this one caught my eye. There’s no literal association (I don’t think they were on a mountain road for the conversation), but I think the photo works: bleak, cold, and there are clouds on the horizon.

  • from LiSteN2MeE11:


  • from Cyoung:

    Have you been spying on me! LOL Great story! I’m living it. Keep going. Maybe I can figure out what comes next for me.

  • from Kevin Lawver:

    Cyoung, oh no! No, I definitely haven’t… well, unless you’re my next door neighbor (just kidding).

  • from Ged:

    Kevin, Yeah after thinking on it I kinda saw the storm clouds, so I added the prequel. You get your star back (if it lets me do that….)

  • from T.F. Torrey:

    Amazing capture of a moment.