ficlets is dead today

by Mask By The Moon
originally published at 04:58PM on Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ficlets is dead today. I check in here every three hours, and there’s no more than one story that’s new. Why must ficlets be so slow today, of all days? When I need lots of good reading material? MORE PEOPLE NEED TO COME HERE ? DO YOU HEAR ME ? I think I’ve made my point. Thank you.




  • from Kevin Lawver:

    Tell your friends, your loved ones, and blog about it! 8)

  • from Mask By The Moon:

    Done it, done it, done it! What about you? And the rest of Ficlets?

  • from Saint Chuck:

    Agreed. I tell everyone until they try to choke me to death to shut me up. I guess today’s a good day to catch up on reading your friend’s older stories.