The Non Nirvana One sentence ficlet.

by Mask By The Moon
originally published at 08:48PM on Monday, June 25, 2007

This is ,* like *, the amazing single sentence experiment ficlet ,_ and _I hope you aren’t reading this thinking it will get any better because it sure wont ,* soooo *very sorry !



  • from Saint Chuck:

    Lol, a bit of a writer’s block?

  • from Howie Amourscow:

    This was inspired by a comment made re: another ficlet: since the nirvana bean-counter counts formatting characters towards the character total, could one achieve “ficlet nirvana” with a one-sentence ficlet?
    I’m pleased that you bravely gave it a shot. I may have to make an attempt, myself. I’d love to see others try, too.
    Part of the fun of this site is experiments like this one. Keep writing!

  • from Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars:

    Well, in that case, four stars! But, how do you do the cross-throughs on the text?

  • from Mask By The Moon:

    - that thingy.

  • from Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars:

    Ohh, this thingy?

  • from Mask By The Moon:

    You’ve got it!

  • from Alexa ♥:

    After reading Howie’s explanation, it makes a bit more sense. Not much, but a bit.