Writer's Block

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View 4 bears on Flickr by Michael Titus

by Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
originally published at 11:01PM on Monday, June 25, 2007

She had the worst writers block imaginable. The “usual? muses weren’t inspiring her. She’d watched ‘Singing in the Rain’ already, read her favorite passages of Gone with the Wind, listened to Dvorak’s Symphony #9, and even walked the three miles to her favorite garden and sat in it for two hours trying to piece words together to make them sound lyrical and flowing. Nothing.
Yes, she had given up all hope. The stuffed animals on her bed, yes she knew she was far too old for them, looked at her with a smirk. “Stop laughing at me!? she yelped and then fell down on the bed. The storm of teddy bears, penguins, and dogs rolled off the pillows and toppled over her and she began to chuckle.
She picked up her animals, looking at them curiously. In a voice mimicking what she imagined her 8-year-old self sounded like, she began to whisper:
“Once upon a time, Mr. and Mrs. Teddybear decided to go out for a walk with Mr. and Mrs. Penguin. They strolled until they came across Miss Puppydog…?




  • from khepa:

    interesting setup. I like how you started it.

  • from C. Davida:

    hooray!! i LOVE it. i’m pretty sure that you’re a writing genius, darling.

  • from Saint Chuck:

    Nice work, this is a great new concept that I haven’t seen here before. Keep it up!