A desk

by Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
originally published at 05:11PM on Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As she looked at her desk, she began to wonder if her life was as cluttered as it:
two necklaces; five earrings (one was missing); a watch; a bracelet; pens (many didn’t work); glasses; a tube of M&M minis; two half used books of matches; a candle with a cracked case; five rubber-bands in an array of colors; a sewing kit with two patterns half cut out; a penguin toy; four pairs of scissors (why did they always disappear when you need them); dozens of CD’s (she probably had more CD’s on her desk than Amazon.com had in their collection); enough books to start a library; scrap-booking supplies; nail-polish; concert dates; pictures of friends; a photo of her and her grandpa.
She didn’t know where to begin. It just sat there, like she did, wondering.
As she attempted to organize her desk, piles of clutter built elsewhere, like her bed. But it always returned to the same spot before bed time.
Everything had a purpose on her desk.
It just didn’t have a place.
“Oh well,” she muttered. She walked away.




  • from khepa:

    nice detail

  • from Saint Chuck:

    Love it…it kind of says that everything doesn’t need a place, as long as it has a purpose.

  • from C. Davida:

    Now this, I can relate to…

    I love the detail and the feelings that are contained within each of the objects described. After I finished reading, I sighed. I like that weight that you leave the readers with. It’s a gift.

    Thank you, darling!

  • from wytherwings:

    wow i can really relate to that, my parents are always telling me to organize, and they dont get it wen i tell them they dont have a place, that my desk is their place! i also love the detail you have with everything on the desk, this is really great