Cheerio Masaker (sp?)

by pianoman
originally published at 10:17PM on Tuesday, September 23, 2008

“Good morning America?, I thought-yawned as I sludged down the stairs. It was five in the morning on a Sunday. Yes, I understand. No, I am not crazy. I see your mouthes dropping in horror. “FIVE O CLOCK !? you say. Yes five. So what, I’m a morning person!

I scoured the some what bare cuboards for my favorite, most delicious morning food in the whole wide wide wide wide wide wide world…. drumm rooooooll CHERIOS . The only cerial to be scientificaly proven to lower cholestoral, I might add.

O thank God they were there! I yanked the ice cold milk outa the fridge. Closing the door as soon as i could. I may like the morning, but a blast of shockingly cold air in the face is never a favorite no matter how un-godly the hour may be. Got the spoon, and happily made my little bowl of heaven

“I love cherios?, I said as I dug in.

“We love you too?, they answered,? just dont EAT US !!!!!!!!!!!?

I screamed like a little girl.




  • from Holdini:

    Actually I am currently holding a box of shredded wheat in my hand right now and I can say with some certainty that shredded wheat can also help lower cholesterol (Take THAT cheerios!).