by Brooklyn Bennett
originally published at 12:56PM on Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moon shifted uneasily, well aware of the questioning gazes that followed her everywhere she went. She concentrated on her lock, struggling to remember her combination. Her fingers fumbled as she spun the lock to the appropriate numbers. The locker swung open, squeaking loudly. Cringing, Moon reached inside and dug around for her colossal Math textbook. By the time she located it, the warning bell was chiming through the halls, sending students running in every direction. She slammed her locker door shut and took off in the direction of her Math class.

The final bell rang just as Moon dove through the door. Panting, she walked towards the back, scanning the room for an empty seat.

“Class,” said a woman with bifocals so large that the rest of her face was barely visible, “I’d like for you to meet our newest student, Moonbeam Garett-Reynolds. As many of you may know, she is the daughter of the actors Claire Garett and Adam Reynolds.” A collective gasp went through the room. Moon winced.




  • from Laine the Grey:

    I really like this, and hope you’ll write a sequel.