Interactions with Barbie [Celebutante 2]

by Brooklyn Bennett
originally published at 01:09PM on Wednesday, June 27, 2007

“So much for a normal childhood,” Moon muttered bitterly. She forced a smile before returning to the back of the room, collapsing in a desk near the window.

“Psst!” Whispered a voice. Moon whirled around to see the girl sitting next to her staring with a bemused expression on her face. The girl was the picture of high school popularity—blonde, skinny, and decked from head to toe in Abercrombie & Fitch. She looked exactly like a Barbie. A folded piece of paper flew from her hand to Moon’s desk. Carefully, Moon took the note and unfolded it.

“Y r u here in fayville? i thot ur rents were famous!!”

Moon frowned. How could she explain that her parents, due to the fact that they were both considered yesterday’s news, had relocated to the small Connecticut town to lead a more normal lifestyle?

She took her pen and wrote in a trembling hand, “it’s for a movie…filming in Hartford.” Taking a deep breath, Moon flicked the note over to Barbie’s desk. The recipient opened it, raising her eyebrows.