Little White Lie [Celebutante 3]

by Brooklyn Bennett
originally published at 03:11PM on Wednesday, June 27, 2007

“Cooli,” Barbie whispered, “Retro’s so in right now.”

Moon felt her jaw drop before she realized that this was a compliment. She smiled weakly and nodded. For the rest of the class, she tried to understand what Mrs. Tyson was saying about integers and cross-multiplying.

An excruciating forty minutes later, the bell rang, signifying the end of the day. Moon leaped up from her seat and started to rush out of the room before she was yanked backwards. She looked down to find a french-manicured hand clutching her arm tightly.

“I never got to introduce myself,” said Barbie, “I’m Ginny Williams.” She stuck out a tan hand accented with a sparkling Tiffany bracelet.

“M-Moon,” she stammered, “You can call me Moon.”

“Your name’s fab, BTW ,” she flashed her 1,000-watt smile. Moon frowned. She didn’t speak chatspeak. But she assumed that this was another compliment, and managed to smile.

“So, your parents are doing a movie together? That’s so cute!” Ginny grinned, “So, what’s it about?”