Take A Sip

by pianoman
originally published at 10:17PM on Thursday, October 02, 2008

To you Who
Stands frozen on the sidelines
To you who
Always watches
Never acts
To you who
Is always the bridesmaid and never the bride
To you who
Is too timid to act
To you
I give my humble advice
Take a sip of life
Some find it strong
Some find it bitter sweet
Some find it sugary
But all find it,
Every single human being,
Finds it to their liking
So take a sip
No matter how it tastes
You’ll love it!




  • from pianoman:

    hey, i always make spelling mistakes so comment and tell ‘bout em

  • from Dreamt of Turquoise:

    lovve it.. i should show one of my friends this.. maybe she’ll learn sumthing

  • from Freedom:

    Great job on this. I always love your poems.

  • from pianoman:

    =) word cannot describe how flattered i am right now truly!! =)

  • from Definate Disaster:

    Again, love it. Especially this one. I think I might need to take ur advice haha =)

  • from Writer4Life00nj:

    Luv it! Awesome, so many people should really take a sip of it! Great job [=

  • from youngspirit:

    Writer’s Question: Do you write poems to be read in one’s head, or read aloud?

    I enjoy your word and phrase repetition, but I implore you to not over use it. ;)