Residing Dreams (Chapter 123)

by SaveTheUnicorns
originally published at 05:28PM on Saturday, October 04, 2008

From there, my feet carried me and took over. I followed my instincts and just went with it. Somehow, I knew where to turn right and where to turn left and which hallways to go down. I still clasped the hankerchief in my left hand. Suddenly, I heard a sound. It was almost mumbling something, though I couldn’t make out what it was. Then, I had a heartrending flashback that sent chills down my spine. I remembered the night when I saw my father as an entirely different person. As a dark, torn soul. The sound was coming from a room, and I could hear it from where I stood in the hall. Without thinking, I pushed open the door closest to me. I entered a little sitting room, with another door on the other side of it. I gave into the temptation of curiousity, taking a deep breathe. I walked over and opened a door to my future.