Residing Dreams (Chapter 145)

by SaveTheUnicorns
originally published at 08:07PM on Sunday, October 05, 2008

Though neither of them were very outgoing, Casimir didn’t have his act together. I realized why Mr. Brown had deemed the situation of me seeing him to be so delicate. I had to be careful. This was mainly because Casimir was fragile, both emotionally and physically. He wasn’t normal, but he wasn’t free or contented as me or January were. He definately didn’t have a loving family, or the healthy glow that January did.The staff, including Mr. Brown and Ms. Ledezma, were very wary of Casimir and I spending time together. And it was obvious that it wasn’t for the same reasons why adults didn’t want other boys and girls our age getting close. After all, circumstances for us were different. Casimir wasn’t a typical boy, and I wasn’t a typical girl. Still, the staff at Mr. Chrysanthemum’s household didn’t want to upset Casimir any more than he already was, so they didn’t greatly object to us hanging out. Yet I was still aware that there were some things that people weren’t telling me, including Casimir.




  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    hmm, you jump from physical differences to social differences, to physical differences, to social, so it doesn’t flow well. Group the things together. I love the last line!