Monday Blues

by g2 (la pianista irlandesa)
originally published at 03:55PM on Monday, October 06, 2008

To Be Read in traditional “I Woke Up This Morning” blues rhythm. Instrumentation May Vary.

I woke up this morning
Not ‘spectin’ to fry.
I got so much work
I think I might die
And right now I thinkin’, I’m hopin’ I don’t start to cry.

First came the math.
I forgot my book.
And then came my physics
I took a look.
At the lab I hadda do
Man, it was so rough.
I think I’ll do it over
But it’ll be tough

Don’t forget APUSH
that class is a bear.
Gotta be Tom Jeff.,
But I’m in despair
‘Cause I can’t get ‘nough info
I just got all them Monday Blues!




  • from OrangeOreos:

    Agh! I hate the Monday blues! Especially after homecoming weekend… Bleh.