A new Door

by Blusparrow
originally published at 05:59PM on Friday, October 10, 2008

“Hi, I am Nick,” He told me, grinning. He was a cute boy for sure, I just never really noticed. He had brown hair that swept just above his eyes and shining brown eyes.

“Hi, I am Steph. Nice to meet you.” I wanted to ask him if he had a girlfriend. A cute guy like him doesn’t come around to often. It seemed to foreword, so I just left it.

“So, want to be one of my partners?” he said. It was Spanish class and we had certain partners for working together.

“Sure,” I wrote his name, Nick on my paper and walked on. As a scoped out more partners, I smiled and glanced back. It seemed that at right then, I had opened a new door. Maybe I will let him linger and see what happens.




  • from martha :

    not very creative, i mean there could have been so much more detail, and theres no point in it really

  • from Blusparrow:

    oh, wow. I thought this left it open for people to sequel…. sheeshh…

  • from Blasphemy.:

    lol ^

    its good.

  • from Freedom:

    Blu, its good. No worries. Forrget about Lindsay, GREAT JOB . Wish I could sequel but we already have a series together right now XD