Uncomfortable meetings

by Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
originally published at 11:48PM on Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I hadn’t seen him in ten years. That was probably for the best because if I had seen him sooner, I would have strangled him.
You understand. Bad ending.
It involved me finding him in bed with another woman, a thrown engagement ring, a suitcase shoved full of some of my stuff, a few more nasty words, and a slammed door.
I saw him in a coffee shop early one morning before catching my train to go to work. How the hell he ended up in my side of town, I don’t know.
“Rae? Is that really you?” I heard a familiar voice say behind me.
“Shawn. Long time no see,” I grimaced.
“Wow,” he looked me up and down, “you look incredible,” he said impressed that at age 33 I still looked like I was in my 20s. He didn’t. Hah.
“Look, Rae, I really want to catch up with you. I still think about you…” he began. The woman behind the counter interrupted.
“What can I get for you?”
“Triple shot of espresso over ice.” I ordered, “Maybe if I run into you again.”
“Ok…see you soon?” he whimpered.
“Maybe.” I left.




  • from Violette Fleur:

    i really like this. it really has a deep, strong meaning that reaches below the surface. great job, i really like it!

  • from C. Davida:

    I love this piece, darling! My favorite part is, “You understand. Bad ending.”

    You have a knack for keeping the reader engaged and capturing moments that we all can relate to, on one level or another.

    Teach me how to write like you! Pretty pretty please!!

  • from SunEyedGirl:

    I really like this because instead of having a wimpy ending it has a really empowering yeah-you-dont-have-to-take-that-sister ending. Good job! : )