Accursed Bluntness

by g2 (la pianista irlandesa)
originally published at 10:59PM on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

“Before you get into anything,” I began, “I have one for you: what are your names?” The explanation: she was Lily, he was Ezra, & they were twins. I nodded, loving my intuition at that particular moment.
“How are you involved with the Resistance?” Ezra asked.
“I was Patrick Lansing’s right hand man for a spell. I helped him in a few schemes, & he offered me a room for a while. After a while, I felt I wasn’t doing enough, so I struck out on my own, reporting back to Pat every once in a while.”
“We’ve been living with him for a while, ” Ezra said. Lily got this odd look in her eye.
Ignoring it, I exclaimed, “Oh!” Then I bluntly asked, “So how’s Pat been these days?” A single tear rolled down Lily’s cheek as she gave a cry & lunged for her brother. Ezra the explained that they’d been captured, as had Pat, & in the end met his finis at the hands of the Premiere.
An odd mournful rage welled up inside me after his words.
I shook my head, for once in my life at a loss for words, as Ezra comforted his sister.




  • from THX 0477:

    A lot there, lots of drama and emotion. The part that stars “I explained…” gets really hard to follow, possibly just cause of format or a typo or two.

  • from Wyatt Aapr:

    I got a little confused too, only at the sentence that starts: “Now I remember seeing two kids” and ending with “to live with Pat.”
    I think adding “again” after “when I saw them.. would clear up that sentence. Good Job tho.

  • from OrangeOreos:

    Agreed with Wyatt. And good job tying up the introductions, and putting a nice, depressing bow on top.

  • from g2 (la pianista irlandesa):

    points taken… I’ll see what I can do to clear that part up.
    See, that’s the problem with trying to write at 10pm: things become confusing. This should be a reminder to me that I’m a person who functions up until roughly 9:30. After that, things that require significant thought sort of break down.
    I appreciate you guys keeping me on my toes.

  • from g2 (la pianista irlandesa):

    There; I revised the accused sections, hopefully they’re better than before.

  • from Blossom Ruoquen:

    Much better