The Track of Life

by Vampyro Lectora
originally published at 03:04PM on Thursday, June 28, 2007

Like any other day I was on the run. I seen more action then the boys in Iraq. And I’m only 17. Running down Dalton Ave. has become everyday occurrence now. Whether its from the The Pack or the police is another story. Theres an ongoing war between The Pack and The Hive. My older brother was a Hive member thats the only reason I’m one probably. I might not have chosen to become part of it but I definately do my share. Thats why I’m always running. Guess its a good thing I’m fast otherwise I’d probably be roadkill. This time me and my boys were gonna get this guy that ruffed up a store owner friend of ours. But what we didnt relize his apartment building was pretty crowded. And when I say crowded I mean over flowing with Pack. So we busted in ready to smash in this guys head and they start shooting. We just ran we didn’t know where or anything but we was running. I made it all the way to the intersection of Dalton and Frayner. Probably the farthest I ever run. But if you heard that shooting you woulda ran to.