God's Fist

by Kevin Lawver
originally published at 08:55PM on Friday, June 29, 2007

The comet streaked overhead and over the horizon, then we saw it. There was a flash of white light, then nothing for a couple seconds. Then, we heard it: God slamming his fist into the earth.

The rumbling started, tribal drums in the distance. Then, it rose over the horizon, a wall of dust and debris a mile high, as wide as the world, and faster than sound. We watched it rumble towards us, swallowing everything in its path with a billion roaring teeth.

There was nothing to do but wait. The trees tumbled all around us in the wake of the pressure wave that came before the wall. This was it. Some of us were felled by the trees. The rest of us just hold each other and wait for the end. There will be no sequels for us.

Hopefully, there are people far enough away to survive, or at least smart enough to find a deep hole and hide.

Why did we come up here? What were we trying to accomplish, to prove? I guess it doesn’t matter now. The wall is here.




  • from Kevin Lawver:

    I’m pretty happy with where I switched tense (it was on purpose), and with a couple of the descriptions. Hopefully, it wasn’t too much. Feedback welcome!

  • from Brooklyn Bennett:

    Excellent…I love your follow-up!

    As for why they went on a hill, they just knew everything was over, and it just seemed appropriate.

    And, of course, one’s mind must not think well when the end of life as they knew it was about to end ;)

  • from YodaOnCrack:

    Your writing style is always sensitive, emotional, yet full of attention to detail. You should really read Carl Jung – he’d have a lot to say about a guy like you. Great work, Kev!

  • from T.F. Torrey:

    With great visuals, this story really works to convey the enormity of the moment and the emotion of the end. And, it’s nice to see someone changing tense on purpose and with skill, in a way that signals the arrival of the moment of the end.


  • from [pens&feathers]:

    “There will be no sequels for us.” I love this line, and find it perfectly appropriate for a Ficlet. =) Great job!

  • from Kevin Lawver:

    Wow, thanks, guys! Yeah, I’m rather fond of the no sequels line too… although I would like to see some sequels about the smart folks in the basements. 8)