Jack White- Awakening

by Vampyro Lectora
originally published at 10:53AM on Saturday, June 30, 2007 mature

The nights are beautiful in the city of Mountain Crest. The wind, warm or chilled, would caress your skin. Then everything changed that fateful night. 23 people were found dead and strewn all over the park. Killed in an assortment of ways. Ways news reporters could not bear to describe. The police had never seen anything like this. They had seen their fair share of murder but never in such large numbers and mysterious ways. Every night for the next 3 weeks someone was killed. Rarely was it ever just 1 person. Then one night they got him. He had been carrying a golf club, but his victims were all stabbed that night. Good aliby. But they got him. 5 dead cops and 6 severely wounded but they got him. His face was everywhere now. They took him to jail. His cellmate didn’t last long. Commited “suicide”. No one had the slightest clue. That this man was a ticking time bomb. And when the night came he “blew up” everything went a muck. Leaving a mile of death in his wake. No one safe now. For Jack White had escaped.




  • from Saint Chuck:

    Nice work. Isnt’ Jack White the lead singer of the White Stripes? Any relation?

  • from Love Or Not To Be Loved:

    this was great i like stories like this they give u a little gitter and u feel like ur there even though your not i really liked it

  • from Sticks:

    I like it, the Jack-of-all traits killer.

  • from Vampyro Lectora:

    I relized that I named the serial killer after the lead singer generally awhile after i named him no libel intended