Work to Survive and Play to Live

by OneMoreDay
originally published at 07:38PM on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We had finally reached our destination. I heard Midnight mewling behind me as Spots helped her through the branches. I just couldn’t wait for them. A bug flew past me and I reflexively batted at it with my paws.But there’d be plently of time for play, later.

“Shadow! Where are you?” I sighed and meowed to let them know where to find me. Duchess sprang out of nowhere and lightly landed next to me. She daintily licked her paws and I admired her grace. It was like watching a miracle everytime I saw her hunt. “There you are.” She lazily rolled on her back and batted at the air.

“Duchess, concentrate!” She rolled her eyes but got up. Then, Midnight and Spots rolled out of the brush and Spots splashed in the pond. Midnight and Dushess giggled and even I cracked a smile. Back to business right away, though. “We need to scout out a place to sleep, today. Tomorrow, we can check out hunting possibilities. Then-”

“Shadow, chill!” Duchess sprang at me and I shut up. They could play for a bit. They deserved it.




  • from OneMoreDay:

    The title is only kinda sorta maybe close to kind of making sense if you really think about it. So you don’t have to.