Pale as a Ghost

by g2 (la pianista irlandesa)
originally published at 09:51PM on Monday, December 22, 2008

“This is where it starts to get weird. Eric kept coming back, claiming to check on Lizzy. At the same time, Lizzy kept getting worse. She began coughing. Sometimes I was up all night with her coughing. She coughed as often as she practiced.
“Three weeks later I told Eric of my worry. He came over to listen to her. He didn’t like what he heard.
“I was in the middle of loading dishes, & he told me to run down to the drugstore on the corner while he tried to calm Lizzy down. I whipped on a jacket & scurried down the stairs.
“I came back up the stairs, then I heard a God-awful sound coming from our penthouse. It sounded like Lizzy retching. I scrambled up the stairs, but before I could open the door Eric was in the doorway, pale as a ghost.
“I rushed past him. I looked in the piano room. I found the keys speckled with blood, and there was a trail. I followed it. I…. I couldn’t believe it. There was Lizzy, a shattered vase near her head, a stained knife, all sitting in a pool by her head. She was dead.”


  • Prelude by g2 (la pianista irlandesa)



  • from OrangeOreos:

    Holy! You better take this somewhere, because this storyline is about to explode if you don’t…

  • from Brebelles:

    This is amazing!!