Stop Being Silent

by More Ways Than One
originally published at 11:59PM on Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stop being silent. Tell them. Tell me. Tell the whole world what is going on. Tell the words that have rested so heavy on your heart for so long.

Say what you need to live. Say what you need to break free. Say it to them. Say it to me. Say it to the whole world. Say the sentences that are only formed in your head.

Scream what is hurting you. Scream louder than ever before with the anger inside of you. Scream it to them. Scream it to me. Scream it to the whole world, right in our faces. Scream the ache, and scream the hurt that something has caused you.

Don’t keep it away with tears. You can’t hide this any longer.

Stop being silent.




  • from ACORN:

    This is really good =D
    (me gusta)

  • from wytherwings:

    I agree with george.
    I really like this one =]