Crying Is Okay Here

by More Ways Than One
originally published at 02:33PM on Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crying is okay here.
When everything is as dark as the night
When the ache reaches the heart
When nothing stands on the earth
Crying is okay here.

Everything I’ve ever been scared of
Is losing you.
So I stand on this pavement
I wait for you to read it with me,
“Crying is okay here.”

I believe in that day.
That is what keeps me going.
Knowing that sooner or later
You’re going to know,
“Crying is okay here.”

So I’ll wait.
I can hold on forever.
This pavement isn’t going anywhere.




  • from BernerOberland:

    Heartfelt.. love the title.

  • from ACORN:

    crying is okay everywhere! i like it