heart like glass part III

by mind like heaven
originally published at 12:58PM on Thursday, July 05, 2007

The bolt struck past the car again this time snatching her out and throwing her into the road in the way of an oncoming speeding car…
Nenova curled for her life as it flashed before her eyes. She let out a huuge scream. Just then Alec ran to her aid and ran herto the other side of the road. The truck swerved trying to avoid hitting the two lovers. But instead ofturning like the driver had hoped it landed on its side and liquid oozed out of it. The driver crawled out in an attempt to save his own life as the concrete sizzled and melted against the liquid from the truck.
“Alec?” her voice whispered from other neath him. “babes dont worry its over now we’re okay.” just as soon as he said those words he saw the blood drip from under him he got up quickly and searched himself down…nothing. Then he noticed that it was coming from Nenova. He turned her over and on her stomach was sizzling mad,the acid had fallen on her. Then he saw it was sliding over from the truck. Nenova being paralyzed was helpless…




  • from penguincaptain18:

    AWWWW !!!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE !!!!! very nice so far though. there are a couple of gramatical errors though