An Apartment Between Them 22 - revised 8/16

by Alexa ♥
originally published at 04:09PM on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

“’Cause you really don’t want to live with me,? Adam was stunned. “There’s no other way you’d just accept that crap from me.?

“This was my idea.?

“Yeah,? Adam became wise. “’Cause you just got through school and into the hospital, and you’re scared. I’m your security blanket. Something familiar for you to take along.?

“I –.? Kate started to tear up. “I can’t believe I used you like that.?

“It’s OK,? Adam shrugged, “I’ve been through worse.?

“So, what now? We break up??

“I – still want you in my life.”

“As more than friend?” Kate didn’t seem to believe him.

“No,” he shook his head. Yes! “That’s why I’ve been hanging on, because -.”

“Losing you meant losing a good friend,” Kate finished.

“You can’t lose my friendship,” Adam assured.

“Ditto. I have some stuff at your apartment -,? Kate said softly.

“We can get it now.?

“No. I need – not to be around you for a while.?

“How will you get home??

“Taxi, bus, train, whatever.?


  • from Laine the Grey:

    I think you mean “too serious”, not “two serious”.

  • from Sophia D'Soleil:

    wow, weird, i wouldn’t have suspected the whole, “kate doesnt want to live with adam either,” thing.