Behind the Green Eyed Lie

by maddiemae
originally published at 12:35PM on Thursday, July 12, 2007

In fact, the only thing that remained certain about Astrlin Gray was just that- her green eyes.
They were eyes like no other, a bright green that held within them all the answers she otherwise kept locked away. All the joy she’d experienced reflected in those eyes, showing itself in light green flecks. All the pain as well,in a silver shimmer. Whoever said eyes were the window to the soul was certainly thinking of Astrlin.
In truth,Astrlin’s life was quite ordinary, though with a highly unordinary past. So, rumors were started.Astrlin had never done much to stop these rumors, for they were often better than facing the truth. Infact, most of the things she said about herself were lies. Outrageous lies. But she no longer cared what people thought about her. This viscious cycle of dishonesty continued until she found herself wound in a web of lies so very intricate, so very strong,there was no way of escaping from it.

The fact that she was once more “the new kid” in school, her junior year, did not help.


  • from Note In a Broken Bottle:

    I like the description of her eyes and it is begging for a sequel!

  • from Sailor Emo:

    this is a great sequel! I actually liked it better than mine lol.

  • from maddiemae :

    thanks guys! and, I couldn’t have written it without your amazing sequel, Lenney. :)

    feel free to sequel it.. that goes to whoever might be reading this