The Sprite

by MeAndTheMoon
originally published at 01:20PM on Thursday, July 12, 2007

He felt completely in the dark until he saw that flicker of light. He didn’t know what it was but he knew that he needed it to survive. So he grabbed at it, stabbing at the darkness with his hands. When he was able to maintain a grasp he realized it was a tiny woman, a Sprite. He instantly felt her warmth inside of him. He knew she had granted him life. He was thankful, but not thankful enough to let her go. She struggled to get free but he couldn’t bear to loosen his grip on her.
“You will kill me!” She exclaimed in her little voice.
“No, Stay with me, I need you!” He begged her.
“You don’t need me. You will be fine. I need to be let go.”
“I can’t.” He said, holding onto her tighter. Her struggling was in vain. Her light flicked and flitted and eventually went out. Realizing what he had done the man threw his head heavenward and asked why he had been allowed to do this. But heaven did not send him an answer. One Holy Thing had already been destroyed.