pink flowers dying too soon

by LiSteN2MeE11
originally published at 12:20PM on Saturday, July 14, 2007

He walked up to my door and knocked 3 times. Each one becoming of my sadness more and more. I sat there silent and breathed in heavy. Tearing up I anwsered it and he asked what was wrong. The leave spun behind for it was a cool autum day. The storie of my tears was too long to tell so i just fell into his arms and cryed terrified on his sleeve. “Why oh please why today of all the days that im alive, please dont love me and run and hide!” Away churned the tears in my bloodshot eyes. He said “I love you and u no y!” Away with words away with tears away with all hope and all your fears for this spell is just a simple curse for her to never love and for him to be gone to the heaven above. Her soul cant love so she will burn and if he knows well he will learn to get over this emotion and this spell or he will go down as well as well.




  • from Natalie Mae:

    wow nicee… i can see where u got that one from