A Fallen Angel Tryin 2 Find Her Way Home

by Love Or Not To Be Loved
originally published at 03:16PM on Saturday, July 14, 2007

Im a “Fallen Angel” trying to find my way home

A small figure is seen deep in the shadows
That figure wanders around as a lone soul
Trying to find her way home
The figure becomes clear to many but still they do not know
Who or what she could be
But there is a figure alright
She gets her way most of the time
But the more she gets her way the more lost she becomes
The more lonely she gets
And the longer it takes her to find her way home
She never sleeps or eat for the fear that she may loss her way
But still as hard as she trys she cannot find her way home
But wait…...Her figure is getting clear now or is fog of the night playing with their eyes…............. No you can see her now
She is a “Fallen Angel”
Many fallen angels find there way home
But this one is a special one
More so then others.........................