by Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
originally published at 11:01PM on Monday, July 16, 2007

She sat on the rickety old swing Ben’s grandpa built. It was attached to the tallest tree on his three acre property in the North Woods of Wisconsin. She pumped her legs slowly, gradually swinging higher and higher…
No matter how high she swung she could only see trees—tall slender pines, majestic maple, saplings just breaking through the ground. It was such a relief to know there were things in this world bigger than she was.
She began to wonder if she somehow magically flew up into a tree, if anyone would notice that she disappeared. If she stayed on this swing flying forever, would people wonder where she had gone. Would her boyfriend, inside the cabin notice? Would her brother notice? In a week would it matter?
She slowed down a little bit, pensively wondering.
Suddenly she felt someone push her back and she flew in the air higher. She swung back, and the person pushed again.
“Rae, Mom said dinner would be ready in a minute.” Ben said pushing her on the swing.
“Ok babe,” was her only reply.




  • from C. Davida:

    Me like. (I’ve been slowly losing brain cells over the past week…) But I’m still coherent enough to tell you that this is beautifully-written AND intriguing. More please!!