Porcelain (a poem)

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by Alexa ♥
originally published at 01:22PM on Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inexplicably, I pull away
from life, slowly realizing
my heart, my soul, my whatever
is blocked, pulled from
its home, or shrinking
further inside of it; I cannot be
sure. It left without even
a small farewell. The uncomfortable
numbness slowly surrounds
until finally I gain
knowledge of its existence.

Now I wonder when
I broke my heart. I never knew
of its fragility; as if waiting
to break. Deep, dark secrets
ran to confront me as if
they had broken out of jail.

They demanded an audience
with the Porcelain Queen
herself, perhaps hoping
to set her free as well.




  • from Sophia D'Soleil:

    Ok, wow, i didn’t understand much of that. Porcelain Queen? Who is that?

    I sensed some sort of hurt, but what was it caused by? Did someone hurt you? I like the whole metaphor of the fragility of your heart to porcelain, but i’m confused at the whole execution of it.

    I’ve read it over and over and find it terribly interesting. On second thought, leave it the way it is. The thinking i do while i read it really intrigues me and makes me like it.

  • from Alexa ♥:

    Nice ramble, Sophia. I’m not sure what to make of it.