by Laine the Grey
originally published at 03:09PM on Thursday, July 26, 2007

“But, Lilith?” Red looked at her. She produced a pistol from the folds of the petticoat.
“Ah, meet my cousin. She listened to everything, and at every port that you docked your ship, I had an associate waiting to retrieve the information.” Richard told her. Red walked closer to him, but he stopped her with a pistol pointed at her chest.
“You’ve become… keen to our pirate ways.” Red smiled defeatedly.
“Did you really think I wanted a pirate’s daughter, who became pirate herself to be allowed in our world?” Richard moved the pistol closer to her skin.
She moved her lips toward his ear. “Did you think I’d go without a fight?” His eyes questioned her as he pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.
“It’s empty!” He exclaimed.
“Mine isn’t.”
“Kate, you wouldn’t-”
“I told you, Kate was commited to sea. I am Captain Red Moscow. Don’t you forget it.” Red disappeared through the window, along with her crew.