I can't believe you!

by James Capilano
originally published at 06:57PM on Thursday, July 26, 2007

It was eleven in the morning and we had a meeting to get to. I didn’t know where he was but he was late. He was supposed to meet me at the coffee house. But as usual, he was missing. I was at the pay phone outside and was calling his appartment. I checked my watch for the tenth time this minute as I listened to the rings. If he misses this then we’ll never close the deal.

He didn’t pick up. He’s probably still asleep. Ugh. I hang it up and walkd out to my car. I got in and drove to his appartment. I am here so often I have my own key. I get up to his floor and I knock on the door. “You up? You’re going to cost us thousands. I can’t believe you!” I took my key out and let myself in. I stepped into the kitchen and put some coffee on. “Get up and get dressed. We’re going.”