Just a dream (6)

by The K
originally published at 01:39AM on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I opened my eyes to a bump in the night, and then a quiet knock on my bedroom door. Sweat was pouring from my body, and I coud feel tears running down my face, but I allowed the knocker to enter. I almost passed out when I saw that it was the man I loved. “I had a horrible feeling that something had happened to you, so I came up to check on you. Are you alright?” He made his way over to my bed and I lifted up the covers for him to crawl in with me. “I had the worst dream about you. I am so glad you woke me up.” The tears were still falling down my cheeks and I found it hard to breath as his warm skin rubbed up against mine. I held him tight, never wanting to let go for the fear of losing him for real this time. “I am glad you didn’t go home tonight. I know you don’t like the couch, but I’m glad you’re here.” I was whispering, not really sure why I couldn’t let the feeling of dread go. It was just a dream. “I’m glad too.” He held my hand and brushed back my hair as I leaned on his chest. It was only a dream.