Helium baloons and gaurdian Angels

by Sailor Emo
originally published at 12:04PM on Wednesday, August 01, 2007

“What’s up?”he questioned skeptically.
“Helium balloons” She replied, rolling her eyes,”What do you think?”
“Cool,” he said unlocking the doorm door, and the slow romantic music bounced out into the hallway,and the small sliiver of light from the door reflected off of the grimy, private schhool preps of earlier generations.
“I can’t believe that I even made it to this school,” she sighed as she slid off the hot, scratchy blond wig and let her long silky auburn hair cascade down her back,”It’s the times like these that just make it bearable.”she said as her boyfriend came up behind her, squeezing her slightly.”Hey, watch the wings.”she said as two white brilliant wings unfurled from her back.
“Oops, sorry,”he moved to the front of her and gave her a long kiss,”You knew that being a gaurdian angel wouldn’t be easy.”
“Well I didn’t think that she could get into so much trouble at this school.”she groaned.
“We’ll right now it’s just you and me.”he said as he closed the door.”and Celine Dion.”