by lil'bit
originally published at 03:27AM on Thursday, August 02, 2007

7 days since one has been gone.
2 years have gone by yet one cannot calm down.
first to the last it almost seems never ending.
the comments the defense the voices from one’s mouth.
noone plans these things, right, they just happen.
two was more than one knew, blaming u for correcting any mistakes along the way.
no such thing as more than no such thing as better than.
anything of such is left and not given chance. everything now is unfair and two is jealous.
of leisure of interaction with not one but many. maybe infinity.
7 days since one has been gone.
a total of 36 posted notes covered not only the words but the message between the lines.
no intentions of rudeness just all intentions of getting one’s attention so the fire doesnt become blind.
without disaster fire proves alot. naturality, loneliness is harmful.
even if one on one with this flame…ones curiosity can become involved in its undetermined life span…fire can burn fire…no matter what…if it were seen it was felt.