by Sailor Emo
originally published at 09:04PM on Thursday, August 02, 2007

What we see and what is really there are mostly two different things and sometimes we dont want to see the truth because of what the pain brings
And some don’t care who we condemn
and even though we know it’s a sin
most don’t care what’s right or wrong
they’re just gonna go along with the song
and we sing about faith, giving respect and trust
but I’ll just laugh along because
there’s no way you can mean what you say
because when you look at me and say
“I know the truth, nothing’s hidden from me”
And I look down at your knees and I say,”You’re lying to me, because I can see that you didn’t fall to your knees, and your eyes haven’t cried enough tears for the ones who died, and your ears haven’t heard every word that was said,
so who led you to believe that you could see all that there has ever been to see, and when I look into your eyes and you’re about to cry, I say they will pay for what they say some day, but today this is only thing that I have to say