by Student Teacher's Pet
originally published at 03:13AM on Tuesday, August 07, 2007 mature

Just as I started to walk away, I heard something. Something inside me told me that it was him getting up. I quickly turned around to see that I was right.
“Impossible!” I exclaimed.
“I’m immune to little FUCKS like you!”
“Eat acid!” I yelled, and I threw a colapsable cup of acid at his face.
You see, I always carry around a little container of acid with me in case I find the need to melt what may lie ahead. And, who bold doesn’t carry around a colapsable cup?
He fell to the ground, holding his burning face and screaming a bunch of that “I’m dying” jibberish that no one can ever understand.
Just ‘cause I’m an ass, I went over and kicked him in the balls, too. “Bitch.” I said, and I went in to go play with the lions’ balls.