The Loudest Sound Ever! (Based on a REAL event)

by Richard Peck
originally published at 11:35PM on Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The loudest sound ever heard on earth came from the erupting volcano, Krakatoa, until 1998.

The OSS , or Oceanic Sumbmarine Sonar, was developed during the cold war to detect Soviet subs off the coast of Eastern coast of South America. Even years after it was deemed useless, it was still operating.

On Dec. 30th, the sonar picked up somthing other then the ocasional whale. What could only be described as a “roar” activated hundreds of sensors across the boarder. The pitch of the noise was too low, and the volume was too loud to be created by man, machine, or any animal..


After careful research, oceanographers around the world determined the sound was in fact organic in nature, but were absolutly baffeled by the volume. It was unheard by almost everyone, being under water, but South American governments none-the-less kept the sound a secret, and blamed the heavy tsunamis on sesmic activity.

The roar wasen’t heard agian until Dec. 30th, 2008, and this time it was heard across the continent.




  • from Richard Peck:

    The REAL -ness obviously stops at the very end of the ficlet, and the date is incorrect, but it is very real. Search “Bloop” on google. It was the nickname given to the sound since they coulnt call it, “Whale Mating Call 43098” or somthing.

  • from Sailor Emo:

    I did. and now I’m terrified to go on my sisters senior cruise.You never really know what’s down there, or up here.
    Isn’t that a comforting thought?

  • from Stovohobo:

    I like the story, but its made all the creepier because its real…could the animal perhaps be Trunko? Or maybe a Lusca? (Sorry, once you get on Wikipedia, there are so many places to go!)

  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    wow, that’s amazing! maybe King Trident, or the Atlantean King was calling his armies, or something… :) Yeah I leapt to fantasy… so?

  • from Raymond Finn:

    It wasn’t an animal.

  • from T.F. Torrey:

    Creepy-cool. This gave me chills.

  • from Wyatt Aapr:

    Very interesting. I understand about comments. It’s disheartening to see your ficlet read by 40, 50, 60 readers but only a few have left comments.