the only thing i can think about is JB!

by MissJonas1492
originally published at 10:22PM on Thursday, August 09, 2007

ahh, sweet music.i luvv this song.yay Push Play sent me a message! i luvv their music it rocks out loud!
Jonas brothers are gonna be touring with hannah montana/miley cyrus thats so not fair! im so going to a show. or two. that would be so awesome!
wow this IS hard.
its so not fair i havent gotten my school schedule yet.
oo this is my favorite song! im so singin’ it:
i woke up on my roof with my brothers
theres a whale in the pool with my mother
and my dad paints the house different colors
ahh, great song.
gawd i wish alyssa would shutup about her stupid boyfriend its like shes rubbing it in my face that jose hasnt asked me out yet. its not my fault hes slow!
at least i finally finished the 7th harry potter book. it took me forever, longer than it normally would. I cant even keep count of how many people died! it was so sad! but the end was so cute!
ooooooh this song is so sweet. i love ballads!
hello beautiful
GAWD i luvv Nicks voice-it makes me melt.
that sounds SO cheesy! haha




  • from SunEyedGirl:

    hahaha i luv this it reminds me of my thoughts, oh and jonas brothers are TO.DIE.FOR : D

  • from llamaluvsmenotu:

    wat song is it about the whale??

  • from MissJonas1492:

    the song isnt about a whale that one line is. but the song is called, “That’s Just The Way We Roll” its a great song i luvv it!

  • from Frostbite:

    Haha just read this. Its like you wrote as you thought, randomly and yet somehow stays within a few differnet topics… like the music playing as you thought different things.

  • from Brebelles:

    wow. i love it. random, just the way i like it..