The Memoir of a Fat Camp Counselor

by Saint Chuck
originally published at 04:59PM on Friday, August 10, 2007

Day One

I really don’t know what possesed me to do this. Spending a whole summer with overweight, rich, city kids, who have never excercised in their lives. Well, I guess I do know why. I once was one of those fat, rich, city kids. But about 3 years ago I came here myself, and went from spoiled diva, to a health nut, crunchy granola type of gal. What can I say…?

At about three, the campers start arriving. Two girls come first, and from the forms I have, I know they’re names are Sara and Julie. I hand them some quesionarres to fill out, and tell them to pick a bunk. As more girls start arriving, I become increasingly filled with nervous energy, and start flitting around the cabin, asking if anyone needs any help, offering to do whatever I can until one of the girls says to me,
“Whoa lady you need to chill. Chocolate?” and hands me a King Size Hershey’s that I grab and start shoveling in my mouth. I look up to see the girls staring at me. I swallow and speak,”Hi, I’m Anna, your counselor.”




  • from Stovohobo:

    Haha, oh no! Demise of the health nut! Awesome idea.

  • from Officially:

    Ha ha ha ha. Great way to start the camp- inhaling a chocolate bar. Good rolemodel they got there, eh?

  • from YodaOnCrack:

    great story – funny stuff!

  • from Laine the Grey:

    Wow, I really liked that.

  • from MzScribe:

    The health nut retruns to her roots!...ironically cute!

  • from SocccerISmyLIFE:

    this cute and ironic!

  • from Alexa ♥:

    Very funny.