by Ariadne
originally published at 05:06PM on Friday, August 10, 2007

“I hadn’t seen him in ten years.”

Andrea thought of him again. It‘d been a long time, ten years. Who was he again? Another friend she’d had? The love of her life? The truth was she didn’t know and was scared to find out, however, the album full of pictures from her past showed her he’d meant something to her. She sighed, then closed the book.

Andrea jumped startled when her phone rang. It was her mother, telling her about her Andrea’s nephew and his birthday party next Sunday. “Bye. mom.? She finished then hung up. Sooner than she realised, she was opening the book again.

He had been the guy who’d thrown flowers at her back in the day when she’d just entered college. It had been him, Tim, the one who‘d shown her that life was more than just books, that she could enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on cold nights while he rubbed her feet and she was too busy studying.

Andrea smiled.

Yes, she hadn’t seen him in ten years, just in that old picture in her album, and still, the memories of him, remained.