The Other Woman: Part 6b: Jessica

by Alexa ♥
originally published at 04:55PM on Thursday, August 16, 2007

The phone rang again, but this time, it was a standard ring that came with the phone and was saved it for unrecognized numbers. Why not? I shrugged, walking over. The screen announced a number in James’ area code. I sat down, unsure. I know his cell, work, and home numbers. If he went through all the trouble to get a new phone, should I at least answer?

I thought about my friends. The married women are especially understanding. They let me moan and complain. Kate and her girlfriend Jen helped me think of bad words to call him, loaned me Ani DiFranco CDs until I got my own, and half-jokingly offered to set me up with their friend Ann. Not yet, I laughed.

Angie argues that love is the overriding concern in all matters. It kind of makes me wonder about her.

James had gone to a lot of trouble to get to me, if only to say goodbye. Does that deserve something? Does love does override all?

“Hi,” I answered cautiously.

“Jessica?” A woman more cautious than I asked. “It’s Sheila.”