Adopted angels

by Sailor Emo
originally published at 10:33PM on Sunday, August 19, 2007

“So how is it possible for me to have parents and my baby sister if I’m an angel?”I ask worridly. Are my parents angels too?
“Well it’s kind of complicated…”He began,”But first I think you need to call your mother.”
I gasped. I’d forgotten all about her!I dialed the number and walked out of the room to talk. After a couple of minuets of negotiating, I walked back into the room with a curfew of 10:30 and a promise (from me) to call her next time before I go anywhere again.
“Ok, so anyway,if me=angel then how does me=parents work out?”
“Like I said it’s complicated, but basically you are older than the world and only a few million years younger than God, and since God wanted angels on Earth he picked out the parents of the angels and they nor the angel should know, untill they are needed once more.”he replied like reciting a history report for a teacher.
“So what am I needed for?”
“I wasn’t told, but that is why we need to go to Heaven, to find out what it is.
“Umm, how will we get there?”
“We fly.”



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  • from BetwINeen:

    coolio, this story is awesome keep it going

  • from blueyedwonder:

    wow. just totally wow. that is really weird. but it’s ok, i like it. its weird in a good way

  • from MzScribe:

    This story can go so many ways. It seems a little sad, almost as if the girl has passed on and doesn’t realize it yet
    Good job