The Edge of the World

by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 12:30PM on Thursday, August 23, 2007

The surf crashes onto the beach with a rushing noise, almost like the sound of an oncoming train. I stand on the shore, at a safe distance, watching my friends plays in the swirling white foam. I know I should be there, pretending to care, pretending I enjoy being flung against the shore like any piece of sand. But instead I stand here, at a safe distance, not talking, but letting the noise of the day fill my head, trying to make it hit these terrible thoughts, to destroy them. My world is crashing around my feet, every thought I ever had about myself, my life, proved untrue. But here I am. On the edge of the world. Watching as life goes on. Watching the waves, the foam, retreat beneath my feet, as I am buried in sand.
You know, its a scary feeling, seeing the earth rush underneath of your feet, while you remain stuck. On the edge of the world.




  • from Fuchsia Deviant:

    Wow…beautiful. It’s very atmospheric and wonderfully descriptive.

    And I can totally relate to this kind of feeling.

  • from sour_cherries:

    you’re really good at relating experiences others have. another great ficlet.